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Weatherization Services Maine

In New England, your home needs to protect you from the elements, especially during the winter. Weatherization is the key to protecting your home from the sometimes-harsh outdoors, increasing your comfort and reducing your energy needs.

Weatherization Services for your NH and Maine Home

Our weatherization technicians are experts in keeping the elements out. We can do it all, from an all-round safety check to replacing your weather-stripping, right through to comprehensive air sealing and high-performance insulation.

At Simplified Green Homes, we know whole house solutions are an important factor in a cost-effective weatherization package. For instance, the combined long-term effect of solutions like wall and roof insulation (30 years) and more efficient heating and cooling equipment (10 to 15 years) means that your bills will be lower for a long time.

On average, the Department of Energy estimates that, over the lifetime of the house, weatherization improvements are worth more than double the initial cost in savings.

Weatherization in New Hampshire and Maine, Maine, & Massachusetts

Got cold drafts, uneven temperatures in rooms or ice dams on your roof? We know how to solve your problem!

Our whole-house approach starts with an energy audit, including a blower door test, to determine how and where your house could benefit from weatherization services. We can help you make decisions about energy efficiency improvements and financing options in New Hampshire and Maine and Maine.

Call Simplified Green Homes today for answers to all your weatherization questions!

“I am rehabbing an old farmhouse and I had Simplified Green Homes do the work.  After calling another company and waiting for a week to try to get a quote, Simplified Green Homes came out the next day and had the quote to be that night.  Not only was the service impeccable the quality of the work was awesome!”

Christina - Kennebunk, Maine

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