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Home Energy Efficiency Maine

According to the Department of Energy, your utility bills could be up to 30% higher than they should be. At Simplified Green Homes, based in Rochester, we're here to guide your decisions about energy-saving measures and offer home energy efficiency tips.

Many buildings, especially older ones, lose a large amount of energy all year round due to two major problems:


1. Small gaps and holes in the walls, floors and ceilings that allow heated or cooled air to leak out, leading to cold drafts and uneven temperatures.

2. Insufficient insulation -- proper amounts slow down the rate at which heat is transferred through walls, ceilings and foundations.

Save Energy at Home in Maine

If your house feels drafty and cold during the winter season, if temperatures are difficult to control year round, or if you've got ice dams on the roof and high moisture levels inside the house, your home may be poorly insulated and/or air sealed.

A proper approach to energy conservation and starts with one of our comprehensive energy audits. Then, our experienced crews do the work, and help you take advantage of eligible rebates and financing.

From start to finish, we are here to help you reach a greater level of comfort in an energy efficient home!

To schedule your home energy audit, contact us today at 1(800)625-5958 or submit a request online.


“I am rehabbing an old farmhouse and I had Simplified Green Homes do the work.  After calling another company and waiting for a week to try to get a quote, Simplified Green Homes came out the next day and had the quote to be that night.  Not only was the service impeccable the quality of the work was awesome!”

Christina - Kennebunk, Maine

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