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We offer a range of professional services.

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Insulation & Air Sealing

At Simplified Green Homes, we know that there's never just one solution to an insulation problem. In our climate, all houses need insulation and air sealing, but what kind and how much varies by as many houses as there are in New Hampshire and Maine.

Insulating & Air Sealing for Your NH and Maine Home

Whether you're looking to improve an existing house through weatherization or build a high-performance new home, we are here to help. Our experienced crews can do the work so you can save energy at home. We carry out air sealing work, and we also install:

  • Insulation

  • Pipe wrap insulation

  • Programmable thermostats

  • CO detectors

  • And more!

Spray Foam Insulation & Other Insulation Types

Our team at Simplified Green Homes goes above and beyond the minimum standards that are common in the construction industry. We recommend and install insulation that will maximize the comfort level and efficiency of your New Hampshire and Maine home.
Our experienced crews and staff understand the importance of providing high-quality service and craftsmanship.

The Best Insulation Types for Southern Maine Homes

Offering a wide variety of products allows us to make the best recommendations for your New England home. Different situations need different materials. We can install it all:

  • Closed cell spray foam

  • Blown cellulose

  • Fiberglass batts

  • Insulated panels

Whether your project is new construction, remodeling, or upgrading insulation on an existing home or small business, Simplified Green Homes can take it on. We also have experience with Energy Star and Net Zero Energy projects.

Ready to insulate and air sealing your home? Contact us today at 1(800) 625-5958 for a free estimate!

“I am rehabbing an old farmhouse and I had Simplified Green Homes do the work.  After calling another company and waiting for a week to try to get a quote, Simplified Green Homes came out the next day and had the quote to be that night.  Not only was the service impeccable the quality of the work was awesome!”

Christina - Kennebunk, Maine

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